Connective’s TESOL

Connective Language Training Center has been in business since 2005. We have had students now in almost all continents.
Be one of our successful graduates!

Our program is a 6-unit program with ten points added to your credentials that can be used if you intend to teach in a public school.
It’s not just gaining a certificate but it’s the great quality of learning that we intend to provide.

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What Connective’s TESOL program provides –

First Day – The Learner

Introduction to TESOL: Orientation About the Program
World of Language
Theories and Principles on Language Learning
The Learner
Know Your Learners
How a Learner Can Best Learn a Language
Age and Second Language Learning
Learning Styles
Teaching a Multi-level Class
Why ESL not English?: ESL in Philippine Context
Some Issues on Second Language Acquisition
Lesson Planning

Second Day – The Teacher

Schools of Thought in Second Language Learning
Methods and Approaches in ESL Teaching
Teaching Strategies in ESL
Models on Teaching ESL

Third and Fourth Days – The ESL Program

Vocabulary Building
Lesson Planning
Teaching Grammar
Teaching Reading and Writing
More Teaching Strategies
What to Teach: Designing Your Own Program
Speaking and Listening
Songs, Tongue Twisters and Chants to Improve Pronunciation

Fifth Day – The Teaching Tools

The Use of Multi- media Tools in Teaching ESL
Student Assessment in the Context of ESL
Sociocultural Factors that Teachers Should be Aware Of
What Else to Know About Your Learners: Their Culture and Background

Sixth Day – The Future Career

What You Need to Know in Looking for an ESL Job
The Do’s and the Don’ts
Resume Writing
Job Interview
“Mock Interview” – Practice Interview with a Mentor
What to Do After TESOL
Preparation for Practice Teaching