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ESL Starter Kit 10/10 Promo

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“ESL Starter Kit” a three volume-useful books for ESL teachers!

These materials are appropriate for beginner level students.

First Volume

“Functional Words for ESL Learners (Basic Vocabulary Building)”

Second Volume

“Grammar Teaching at Its Best”

Third Volume

“The Kit All ESL Teachers Should Have”

Connective’s TESOL

Connective Language Training Center has been in business since 2005. We have had students now in almost all continents.
Be one of our successful graduates!

Our program is a 6-unit program with ten points added to your credentials that can be used if you intend to teach in a public school.
It’s not just gaining a certificate but it’s the great quality of learning that we intend to provide.

Enroll now!

What Connective’s TESOL program provides –

First Day – The Learner

Introduction to TESOL: Orientation About the Program
World of Language
Theories and Principles on Language Learning
The Learner
Know Your Learners
How a Learner Can Best Learn a Language
Age and Second Language Learning
Learning Styles
Teaching a Multi-level Class
Why ESL not English?: ESL in Philippine Context
Some Issues on Second Language Acquisition
Lesson Planning

Second Day – The Teacher

Schools of Thought in Second Language Learning
Methods and Approaches in ESL Teaching
Teaching Strategies in ESL
Models on Teaching ESL

Third and Fourth Days – The ESL Program

Vocabulary Building
Lesson Planning
Teaching Grammar
Teaching Reading and Writing
More Teaching Strategies
What to Teach: Designing Your Own Program
Speaking and Listening
Songs, Tongue Twisters and Chants to Improve Pronunciation

Fifth Day – The Teaching Tools

The Use of Multi- media Tools in Teaching ESL
Student Assessment in the Context of ESL
Sociocultural Factors that Teachers Should be Aware Of
What Else to Know About Your Learners: Their Culture and Background

Sixth Day – The Future Career

What You Need to Know in Looking for an ESL Job
The Do’s and the Don’ts
Resume Writing
Job Interview
“Mock Interview” – Practice Interview with a Mentor
What to Do After TESOL
Preparation for Practice Teaching