74D92FFA-D30F-4CEF-824A-AD583F5C3AC0.jpegMake your Christmas bonus count! Connective is offering 22% discount for our TESOL program if you enroll not later than November 20. Send us a message for more details 🙂

The Greatest Deal on our TESOL Program

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Enroll to our TESOL program!

You may enroll for only 4000 initial fee and 4000 after 20 days and 2200 for another 20 days. That’s 40 days of staggered payment with 8% discount .

Additional of P1000 if you reside overseas.

Confidence in Speaking

Confidence is what most people lack in speaking. Do you want to acquire this? Enroll to our English Communication Skills Program!
This program provides 20 lessons where we teach a balance of vocabulary building, more knowledge in accuracy of the language and lots of practice to attain confidence. Pm us for more details!8E42162C-6FE8-4125-B198-8A38FA82B50D

Effective communication skills is a must at work and in school!

4532AE6E-F817-4049-AEA8-474CC8B36E0F.jpegFor more than ten years Connective has been providing English Communication Skills for professionals and workers. This program helps improve communication skills of our students especially in speaking and writing at their work place.
If you think your school or office needs this short program please don’t hesitate to contact us.
We have catered to UP students, radio station staff, teachers in both public and private schools and other companies.

To get more details, please contact us at 0939-9382497 or 0906-5527295 or through our Facebook Page at Connective Language Training Center Inc.

Summer Promo

Summer is so evident. So hot,hot,hot!
Connective is giving a hot deal for the summer!
Enroll not later than May 15 to get a 7% discount!
If you’re a mom, you can get 10% discount on all of our programs!

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